Peter Baldwin


About me

Begetis Estate Agents long serving chief Auctioneer Peter Baldwin is acknowledged as being Australia’s finest property Auctioneer. He is widely acclaimed as being one of the most gifted Auctioneers the industry has ever seen, recognised as having the most intelligent, articulate and insightful auction delivery of any auctioneer in his field.

As a third generation Auctioneer Peter holds a Bachelor of Business in Land Economy majoring in Valuation, is an accredited Licensed Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Stock and Station Agent and Registered Valuer. Auctioneering runs in the family with Peter's grandfather Mark known for his integrity, ethical and forthright dealings with his clients. His father Brian is also renowned as being one of the finest Auctioneers whose poise, style and delivery has long been revered.

Peter had a rural background growing up in Inverell and began calling horse races by the age of 15. This was a great stepping stone that enabled Peter at the age of 18 to be the youngest auctioneer known to sell fat cattle, sheep and lambs for his family’s Stock and Station Agency in the competitive world of the region’s Saleyards.
Peter is an Auctioneer in the true sense of the word, having a remarkable sense of polish, timing and composure , being intuitive enough to vary the speed and tone of his delivery to add real thrust to bidding or excite even the most discerning prospect into making a bid.
Over the past 20 years, Peter has auctioned over 24,000 properties with a value in excess of $10 Billion. He is the most prolific and successful Auctioneer in Australia for achieving residential property sales under the hammer between $6 million and $9 million and has Auctioned numerous record sales on behalf of the Begetis Estate Agents team since 2001.

Peter is admired for having the strongest ethic in representing his client and their property. As a major point of difference he inspects every property he auctions on behalf of Begetis Estate Agents and maintains a disciplined level of communication from Day 1 of the campaign right up until Auction Day.

Peter is unwavering in his pursuit of the highest and best possible outcome for his Vendor’s across all price ranges and is a highly valued member of the Begetis Estate Agents team.